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THE HAGUE, Netherlands -- Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao are on the cusp of a zika-epidemic. That is the expectation of Byron Martina, a virologist at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, Poeter Hofmann reported on Caribisch Netwerk. Martina emphasised cooperation between the countries in the Kingdom to combat zika. “I think that the intention is there. Look at what you can do together and how you should organize that,” he said, adding that the islands could benefit from the expertise…
Dear Sir: We, the parents and family of the four youths who were arrested on Monday morning, would like to react to the article published on the front page of the Daily Herald on Tuesday, October 27, 2015. In this article it stated that RLG (16), KR (17), D de B (15), and Mvds (15) were arrested. RLG is 15 not 16. The article states that “Chief of Basic Police Care in Statia explained the police had tried to carry…
KRALENDIJK, Bonaire -- Bonaire's residents and visitors alike woke up Thursday morning to a beautiful sunrise. Overnight fast-moving Hurricane Ivan passed north of Bonaire, brushing the island and causing moderate rainfall, rough waves and strong winds. Although the southern coastline of Bonaire took the brunt of the storm due to 14 hours of southwesterly winds, with additional swells forecast to continue into this afternoon, only limited damage is being reported. All of the residents and tourists that remained on island are…
By Caribbean News Now Staff WILLEMSTAD, Curacao (GNC) -- The Parliament of the Netherlands Antilles – the States – voted on Friday afternoon to amend the document that controls its relations with the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This amendment, already approved by the Dutch Parliament, now makes the proposed dissolution of the Antilles possible. Following a long sitting, Parliamentary Chairman, Pedro Atacho called Friday an historic day. Prime Minister Emily de Jongh-Elhage was also pleased and said that the decision…
Dear Sir: In order to fulfill the proposal to the government to house more donkeys rather than have them shipped to Haiti for food, the Bonaire Donkey Sanctuary needs to raise money to build facilities for 100 more animals. The aim is to build a construction to replace the old feeding station. Generous sponsors Werkcon, a Dutch steel fabrication company, will donate the main structure and roof but funds will have to be raised to pay for the concrete floors,…
By Aleia Walker, COHA Research Associate Laughingly considered the world’s oldest profession, prostitution and sex work are frequently intertwined with Caribbean tourism. Quintessential resort islands are often pictured with lithe, melanin-rich indigenous beauties on the arms of plump distinguished foreign men. In the majority of Caribbean islands, the purchase and sale of sex are illegal activities. The Dutch Antilles, however, provide a special opportunity for the commercial sex industry not legally available in the rest of the Caribbean. As present…
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