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Letter: When the NDP are elected

Tuesday, 17 September 2013 12:00 Written by  font size decrease font size decrease font size increase font size increase font size

Dear Sir:

Some of the things we should look forward to with an elected NDP party.

1. Lower cost electricity for the public, helping people to afford electricity

2. Lower cost electricity for industry, encouraging investment

3. Starting and completing in good time alternative energy, cutting fuel oil imports

4. The removal of VAT on many food and essential items

5. To introduce a real Education Revolution with apprenticeship, getting the youth working

6. Introducing a fiscal policy that will reduce our loans and borrowing

7. Removing communism from our education system

8. Removing communism from our government

9. Stopping all spite and malice against citizens regardless of political affiliations

10. Stopping all the nasty name calling and insults by ruling politicians

11. Kick-starting the agriculture and farming industries

12. Bringing several large corporations into the island, at least one Leeward and one Windward, big employers paying real wages

13. Re-employ and re-engage all those people like teachers and port police who have been removed from our system to satisfy the ruling regime, they will all get their jobs back

14. Stop all the graft, bribery, theft in government, in ministries, in government companies

15. Introducing far reaching and proven methods to cut crime by 50% over five years

16. Full and in depth investigations of all complaints and such regarding rapes, theft, graft and all wrongs against the state and people

17. Finish the Argyle airport to a better style and quality than is presently presented, correcting the current gross engineering problems and mistakes

18. Paying all the people who are owed multi millions under this current government and just cannot get paid

These are just a few of the things that we should run with.

Peter Binose
Self appointed keeper of the whistle
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