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CASTRIES, St Lucia -- On Tuesday, the director general of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), Dr Didacus Jules, received letters of credence from the ambassador of Mexico to the OECS, Luis Manuel Lopez Moreno, at a ceremony held at the OECS Commission. Jules extended a warm welcome to Lopez Moreno, and spoke of the longstanding and mutually beneficial relationship between both sides. The director general conveyed his appreciation of the positive role that Mexico has played over the…
HAVANA, Cuba (ACN) -- Representatives of Central American nations, plus Ecuador, Cuba, Colombia and the US, addressed at a meeting in Mexico the situation of thousands of Cuban stranded in Costa Rica in their effort to make it to US territory. In the meeting, Mexico agreed to let the Cubans keep on their way to the US once they arrived at Mexican border, said Costa Rican foreign minister Manuel Gonzalez and he also added that US authorities would accept the…
MEXICO CITY, Mexico -- According to Business Report, a revolt is growing in the Caribbean over increasingly massive cruise ships disgorging thousands of passengers who swamp beach towns, buy perhaps a soft drink and a few trinkets, and re-embark a few hours later. Mexico's government is considering charging its first per-passenger cruise tax, while beach towns that no longer want to serve as a mere backdrop for the $15 billion cruise industry are starting to say no to the big ships.…
By Alfredo Corchado The Dallas Morning News MEXICO CITY, Mexico (MCT) -- Introducing a lethal new element to Mexico's drug wars, a leading cartel detonated a car bomb late Thursday in downtown Ciudad Juarez, and raised the specter of Middle East-style terrorism along the border with Texas. The attack, which followed the arrest of a top gang member, targeted two police cars in Juarez, killing two federal officers and a musician and injuring 11 people, including several bystanders. The Juarez…
By Tracy Wilkinson Los Angeles Times MEXICO CITY, Mexico (MCT) -- Mexican President Felipe Calderon on Wednesday delivered an uncommonly blunt and dispiriting assessment of the broad sway held by violent drug traffickers throughout the besieged country. From the "most modest little towns" to major cities, Calderon said, traffickers attack, intimidate and blackmail Mexican citizens as part of an illegal business that goes far beyond the simple transport of narcotics. "Their business is no longer just the traffic of drugs. Their business…
By Juan O. Tamayo McClatchy Newspapers MIAMI, USA (MCT) -- Mexican police have rescued six illegal Cuban migrants kidnapped by gunmen in the beach resort of Cancun who were demanding ransoms of up to $10,000 for their release. One of them claimed he had been living in Cancun for 20 months and was kidnapped on a street by gunmen who noticed he was Cuban, said a photographer for the local Novedades newspaper who spoke with the six. The beach resort on Mexico's…

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