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By Mike McDonald The Tico Times, San Jose, Costa Rica SAN JOSE, Costa Rica (MCT) -- A couple from the United States suspected of killing at least two people in Panama was arrested on Monday morning by Nicaraguan officials on the Rio San Juan in Nicaragua, after crossing from Costa Rica. The suspected killers, William "Wild Bill" Adolfo Cortez and his wife Jena Seana, fled Panama last week after authorities there unearthed two dead bodies on a property that the couple owned.…
By Tim Johnson McClatchy Newspapers MANAGUA, Nicaragua (MCT) -- The constitution bars Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega from seeking re-election next year, but that's not stopping the one-time leftist revolutionary. Billboards and murals are going up across Nicaragua announcing "Daniel - 2011," making it plain that Ortega intends to stay at the helm. At 64, Ortega still has some of the panache of his guerrilla days three decades ago, when the Sandinista National Liberation Front swept away the Somoza family dictatorship, which…
The four-story Seminole Hotel in central Managua, Nicaragua, is among the business ventures in a web of companies controlled by President Daniel Ortega. Ortega has built a business empire from money given by his ally, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. (Tim Johnson/MCT)   By Tim Johnson McClatchy Newspapers MANAGUA, Nicaragua (MCT) -- Over the past four years, entities controlled by Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega have received at least $1 billion in no-strings-attached donations through an oil deal brokered by President Hugo Chavez…
by Brendan Riley, COHA Research Associate After Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega took office for his second presidential term in 2007, Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez announced his plan to meet Nicaragua’s oil needs. The leaders’ ideological ties led Ortega to push for Nicaragua’s membership in the Alianza Bolivariana para los Pueblos de Nuestra América (ALBA). The Venezuelan President established this political bloc with the intention of countering the U.S. ambition for a Free Trade Area of the Americas or Acuerdo de Libre…
By Tracy Wilkinson Los Angeles Times MANAGUA, Nicaragua (MCT) -- Constitutional bans and felony convictions would be career killers for many politicians. But in Nicaragua such inconveniences don't seem to be an obstacle to running for president. The race to rule Nicaragua is shaping up as a choice between two modern-day caudillos — strongmen — who are very familiar, for good and for bad, to this troubled country's voters. Daniel Ortega, the autocratic president and former revolutionary comandante, has announced his…
NEW YORK, USA -- Sea turtles throughout the world are increasingly threatened with extinction, yet the people who can help address this crisis are often ignored. Last year, Dr Sarah Otterstrom of the non-profit organization Paso Pacifico made a commitment at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) to empower women and girls as environmental leaders in Central America. As a result, women in a small fishing village in Nicaragua are now the lead protectors of nesting sea turtles. They earn money…

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