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Dear Sir: St Vincent and the Grenadines prime minister, Ralph Gonsalves, is said to be suffering from reoccurring nightmares and some mornings he gets up at 3 and 4 am and walks the gardens at the prime minister’s residence. You may all remember it was supposedly at 4 am that Gonsalves allegedly raped a female armed police officer [for which he was charged] who was patrolling as one of his personal protection team. I am told that Gonsalves is currently…
Dear Sir: I picked up one of my newspapers from a pile in my London office, which happened to be a copy of the Searchlight newspaper dated Friday, March 27, 2015. I scanned it looking for something… ‘I didn’t know what’… when a heading sprang out at me: “Will Sir Louis resign his position at NPL [National Properties]”. I don’t know why I hadn’t read the article before, but I was blown away by what I read. I am still…
Dear Sir: When people are paid activists on behalf of an overseas political party or a foreign government, that is often detrimental to the government of the United States of America. In fact it is illegal to be a foreign agent in the US if you are a resident or a citizen of the US. If you are a foreigner unless proper registration is made in the US you can be in plenty of trouble. The rules come from the…

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