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By Hudson George Some people take a long time to understand the real world we are living in and others understand it very quickly. Those among us who have political motives and have a good understanding of the real world will always use their knowledge to make great success during their lifetime by misguiding others who admire them for various reasons that sometimes cannot be explained. St Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves’ activist role to get reparations…
Dear Sir: I am told that the NDP will start a real education revolution when they introduce an apprenticeship system in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. A system that will see young people learning lifetime skills that will ensure that they will find work here or abroad. A set of skills that will encourage entrepreneurs, young people starting their own firms here and abroad. Every country is seeking skilled workers and artisans. Young people who are unable to achieve qualifications…
Dear Sir: For months, attempts were made to get persons within the higher rungs of the Vincentian government structure to make comments on the issue of the decriminalization of marijuana. Those government functionaries to this date are yet to return messages on the request for an interview on this most important issue of immense socio-economic importance to the Caribbean region. In fact, one public servant remarked that those persons would not say anything on this topic because to do so…
Dear Sir: The late Caribbean Hark (aka Lord Hark) said, “It does really hurt me as man,” but this letter is not about Paul’s Lot. It is about the use of the “P” word by the Prime Minister (PM) of St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). For the last several years, it has really hurt me as man, every time I hear the audio piece on the “P” hole. It even hurt me more when Vincentians tries to defend this…
Dear Sir: Some of the things we should look forward to with an elected NDP party. 1. Lower cost electricity for the public, helping people to afford electricity 2. Lower cost electricity for industry, encouraging investment 3. Starting and completing in good time alternative energy, cutting fuel oil imports 4. The removal of VAT on many food and essential items 5. To introduce a real Education Revolution with apprenticeship, getting the youth working 6. Introducing a fiscal policy that will…
By Demion McTair It may sound like a strange combination; but Caribbean territories pushing for reparations for slavery, using climate change as a major factor, may well have a stronger case. Professor Beckles, presenting his case here in St Vincent for reparations for slavery, said, “The British made the most money out of slavery and the slave trade…. And, importantly, they knew how to convert slave profits into industrial profits.” What industrial profits was Dr Hilary Beckles referring to? Was…

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