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KINGSTOWN, St Vincent -- Representatives of governments, civil society, academia and individuals fighting the cause of reparations for native genocide and slavery, are meeting in St Vincent and the Grenadines for a regional conference on reparations. The conference, hosted by the prime minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines, Dr Ralph Gonsalves, runs from 15-17 September, and is the first major event on reparations following the thirty-fourth conference of the heads of government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) in Trinidad…
Dear Sir: North Korean leader Kim Jong Il's son Kim Jong Un was promoted to general. When Il died his son Un succeeded him as leader. In 1967, Gabon’s Omar Bongo became president. He found it impossible to give up political power. Whilst his people worked for less than $10 a day, he owned huge estates and houses in France. He pre-appointed his son Ali Bongo Ondimba as president through what some see as a rigged election. Along with his…
By D. Markie Spring The prime minister reverberates his plan for a fourth term in office! The victorious leader has won the last three elections for the United Labour Party (ULP) and, in the eyes of some Vincentians, he is steering an administration dubbed by high unemployment, crime rate, poverty and inflation, inflated economic performances, insidious political strategies, and numerous empty promises. Conversely, Georgetown -- the “Ghost Town” as many know it – has become desolate, marred by minimal infrastructure,…
Dear Sir: I find that the comments by Steve Huggins in response to current developments on the marijuana issue need to be further highlighted and discussed. Mr Huggins wrote: STEVE_HUGGINS: Brother Henry, how ON, EARTH, could we possibly get a "breath of fresh air" from MARY JANE, GANJA, or HASHISH? WOE, me bro., IT STINKS! Always. After prolonged use, the mouth SMELLS like a putrid bird cage. Even my fowl 'coob' smells much, much better. Not to mention all your…
Dear Sir: Anyone living in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines with diabetes knows that they will become footless sooner or later, their soccer days over, but the opportunity to perform in the Paraplegic Olympics. There are more cases of foot removal in SVG than anywhere else in the Caribbean caused by ulcerated damage to the foot or feet of diabetic patients. Several years ago, Ces McKie, when Minister of Health, went to Cuba and came back and told us about…
Dear Sir: The evil of a leader is reflected not only in his actions but it is also reflected in his supporting subjects (citizens). Under Adolph Hitler, Germans became very un-empathetic and emotionless, and as a result ordinary people did all manner of evil without any sign of remorse. In Jamaica, when the evil government ran the country, that little island saw thousands of murders each year. In Haiti during the Papa and Baby Doc era, Haitians acted mercilessly towards…

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